Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peaceful Photographer

Peace, originally uploaded by Orhan Tsolak. This is was in a piece for Pacifica Radio!

Orhan Tsolak is a freelance photographer traveling the world and sharing his views. I first came across his work while looking for "food shots" on flickr and came across one in which he wrote a whole piece about the "real cost of food" and how even a simple salad takes three continents to make, which is the real cost of not buying locally.
My personal appreciation for Orhan's work is because he is a photographer living from a conscious space. Many of his photographs are of current events of world change and activism. Sure he has fun stuff too, and some breathtaking landscapes. For the Arm Chair Traveler there are adventures from all over the world. Be sure to travel through his Flickr photostream ~

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